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  "Silver" Web packages include the following:

Twelve (12) content pages, or eleven (11) content pages plus Guestbook. Each webpage may be up to two (2) printed pages ("Letter" size) in length.

Your choice of link and button style, and colors. No extra charge for coordination with your existing logo, photo, or artwork.

Use your artwork or ours (no extra charge for retouching / resizing)

Unlimited onsite / offsite links (we'll advise you if recommended ratios exceeded for optimal Search Engine placement).

Image optimization (for fast loading), and META-tag optimization (for high ranking in Search Engines that use them).

Search Engine submission. We submit your site to the top-10 Search Engines weekly, for the first month after your site is launched. Have a specialty site (e.g., Real Estate, retail sales, extreme sports)? We'll submit to specialty Search Engines and Directories also.

Custom logo design (a $50.00 value!)

Free telephone consultation

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Only $500.00

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