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The Whole Internet is a full-service provider of Web design, development, and consulting services, catering to the needs of individuals and small businesses. We specialize in meeting the online accessibility needs for handicapped and disabled persons. Our premise is simple … we will build an attractive site to your specification, that works well for ANY person and is compatible with ANY browser.

Why is browser compatibility important?

Web developers frequently utilize proprietary techniques specific to Internet Explorer (IE). Although many consider IE/Edge to be the dominant browser, there is plenty of evidence to argue the point either way. Effects that look good in one browser are often unattractive or inaccessible in other browsers. Consider carefully your answers to the following questions.

Do you want accessibility by the largest possible audience, including Firefox, Safari, and Opera users?


Have you considered accessibility by handicapped and disabled persons? Access to people with disabilities is required of U.S. Federal agencies, and a smart move for any website owner. Do you want Web pages that are navigable by screen readers and other alternative browsing techniques used by visual or motor-impaired individuals? Before answering, consider that more than 750 million people worldwide (representing a discretionary income of over $175,000,000,000) have some sort of disability (source: IBM Accessibility Center).


Do you want a site that is not reliant upon proprietary browser techniques, and that provides a uniformly quality experience for ALL users?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you owe it to yourself (and your customers) to obtain a quote from us before making your decision.

For prices comparable to what other Web design and development firms charge for IE-only or non-handicapped-aware sites, we provide you The Whole Internet experience. Remember, designing an accessible and cross-browser compatible site does not mean "dumbing down" or sacrificing features. It just requires experience and know-how. Let us show you.

We invite you to review our site, and compare us against the competition.

"Check the rest, then come here for the best!"


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