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Matching or contrasting buttons, though not a necessity, can make a strikingly attractive and unifying addition to a website. Here are some different type buttons for your consideration. These are only examples. Text choices are equally vast — painted, raised, engraved, etc. You are limited only by your imagination! Should you decide to go this route, we will discuss design considerations and trade-offs during your free pre-sale consultation.

[gel] [metal] [glass] [plastic]

Shown above are single-state, or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) examples.

Below is an example of a dual-state button (changes when the mouse hovers or clicks).

normal state (up) button click state (down) button Here it is,   
in action
dual-state button simulation

Finally, an example of a tri-state button (normal, hover, and click states).

normal state (up) button hover state (over) button click state (down) button tri-state button simulation

TIP: When searching the Web for ideas, try clicking then dragging the mouse button off the image. This allows you to view all the state changes, without having to click over to the next page.

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Be sure to also check our "Freebies" area for more design tips and ideas

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